Xiamen Guanghong(G&H) Electronics Company Limited

About Us
G&H Electronics is a dynamic China Mainland Corporation that is one of the most reliable LED suppliers. Since year 2002,Website:http://www.ghled-manufacturer.com, the prime activities of the company are in manufacturing of LED components. G&H?s high reputation from customers on both global and China markets is due to its core capabilities which include manufacturing, quality control and product promotion. Contributing to G&H?s success is its manufacturing efficiency and stable quality. G&H has been able to lower its operating costs and increase its output efficiency and yield rate by maintaining its production equipment, continuously strengthening production procedures, optimizing inventory levels, and emphasizing factory management based on its strong foundation and its partnership with the customers. With its strength in manufacturing and controlling costs, G&H is ready to meet the demands of a larger and growing global LED market.
Products and services
Through hole LED?SMD LEDs?Infrared LEDs?LED Holder?LED Back Light?LED Digital Display Module?LED Strips